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Bellaire Cosmetic Dentist

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Veneers in Bellaire

Not feeling confident when you smile can be difficult. We smile to be friendly, to show joy, excitement, and amusement, and our teeth show when we speak as well. Hiding your smile can take a lot out of you. If you find yourself constantly hiding your smile, then maybe it’s time to do something about it. With the help of our Bellaire cosmetic dentist here at Rayburn & Hilliard DDS you can finally have the smile of your dreams with options like teeth whitening or veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way. It has even made its way into general dentistry, allowing people to maintain their oral appearance with the use of porcelain restorations and tooth-colored dental fillings. For people with multiple cosmetic concerns and issues that affect multiple teeth, finding the right cosmetic procedure can make a real difference. With treatments like dental crowns and teeth whitening, you can resolve individual issues or fix problem teeth where needed, but for a completely new smile veneers are the best way to go. Here with our Bellaire cosmetic dentists here at Rayburn & Hilliard DDS, you can learn more about veneers and what the process entails. Veneers are a good option for those who suffer from gaps, chips, stains, or discoloration in their teeth, especially people who may have more than one of these issues. Porcelain veneers are thin facings that are custom-made from the highest quality ceramic materials, and are designed to fit perfectly over the front of your teeth. Once they are in place, things like gaps, chips or stains are effectively covered up and all that is left is a perfect smile.

Don’t hide your smile any longer, it’s time to shine. To learn more about veneers, call us here at Rayburn & Hilliard DDS to schedule an appointment with our Bellaire cosmetic dentist today.

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