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Bellaire Family Dentist

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Whether you are a young adult, more mature, or a great grandparent enjoying your golden years, you need regular dental attention to maintain a strong set of teeth and healthy gums. This is equally true of children, from the time those very first baby teeth appear. And at the practice of Rayburn & Hilliard DDS, it is our dedication and our pleasure to provide outstanding dental care for all ages. That’s because no one is too young or too old to benefit from the fundamentals that make cavities and gum disease rare occurrences. In addition, we provide a range of valuable services that include restorations, cosmetic treatments, and much more.

Does our Bellaire family dentist treat your child any different than you? Well, in the sense that he or she needs special attention to promote the proper eruption of baby teeth and the monitoring of them as they get ready to fall out on schedule to make room for adult teeth, the answer is yes. And it’s also true that our Bellaire family dentist is patient and gentle with her or him, because it is crucial to establish positive associations with dental care at an early age. But in terms of the effort put in, there is no difference between addressing kids and adults. Also, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of gentle treatment, too. Our office believes that the more pleasant and comfortable our patients’ experiences here re, the more likely they are to come back regularly. And with six month oral examinations, teeth cleanings, and periodic x-rays, there is every reason be expect that the consequences of tooth and gum problems will be either nonexistent or very rare occurrences.

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