Bellaire root canal

Bellaire Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Bellaire

Do you have any of the following symptoms: a toothache, or general pain when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold items or drinks, gum tenderness, tooth discoloration, or swelling? If so, you may need root canal therapy. Here at Rayburn & Hilliard DDS, this non-surgical treatment is done expertly and gently, using modern techniques and advanced equipment. It’s purpose is to relieve your symptoms and to save your tooth so it will not need to be removed.

You may have heard people talk about root canal therapy as something to be nervous about, but you can relax and take a deep breath because with the help of local anesthesia, you will find out what most of our other patients have: that our Bellaire root canal produces either no discomfort at all, or very little. For those who suffer with anxiety, though, we do offer sedation. The circumstances that lead to needing this treatment begin with a breach of your tooth’s natural protective layers. You have a strong enamel and dentin. They keep the inside of your tooth safe from bacteria. A cavity, especially a large one; a loose or lost filling; or a chipped or cracked tooth give bacteria a path to your tooth’s pulp, located adjacent to the nerve. And if that occurs, you will need our Bellaire root canal. The procedure itself is done by drilling the top of the tooth to gain access to the base. Our dentist removes the infected nerve and pulp, cleans the canals and disinfects them, and then seals off the canals to prevent future infection. With the addition of a dental crown once the tooth has healed, you’ll have a fully restored tooth that is strong and durable.

Our Bellaire root canal is a valuable treatment, and one which when necessary should be done in a timely manner. Please call us right away to schedule a prompt appointment.

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