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77035 Teeth Cleaning

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77035 teeth cleaning

77035 teeth cleaning

Great smiles are only as great as the teeth that make up those smiles. Not only do the teeth in the smile have to be straight but they also have to be clean and bright. A 77035 teeth cleaning is one step in offering the world a glimpse of clean teeth when smiling. Aside from the cosmetic value of clean teeth there is a far more important reason to always have clean teeth and that is to defend against tooth decay and gum disease that can spring from poor dental hygiene. The preventative care program offered at our practice, Rayburn & Hilliard, DDS has been designed to keep teeth clean and your mouth free from bacteria and decay.

Our preventative program is really a partnership between our practice and you. The participation of our patients in this preventative program is crucial. For your part you must do daily tooth maintenance in the form of proper brushing and flossing several times per day and the use of dental rinses. Our hygienist will teach you the proper maintenance techniques and give you instructions. For families with young children it is particularly important that they cooperate, so our staff makes it a fun experience instead of a chore. The daily at-home maintenance is supported by a 77035 teeth cleaning twice a year. During these sessions our hygienist will clean all the tartar and plaque away from around the teeth as well as between the teeth. This treatment gets rid of the hard substances that daily brushing can’t remove, which could cause tooth decay. Our hygienist will also scrape the plaque and debris away from the gums, which will help prevent gum disease that can lead to tooth and bone loss.

When paired with regular checkups by our doctors 77035 teeth cleaning are an effective tool for preventing both cavities and gum disease. Clean healthy teeth are the foundation for good oral health and a great smile. To prevent tooth decay and the severe problems that comes with it takes diligence in home brushing as well as regular teeth cleanings. Why not come into our office and discuss how together we can prevent tooth problems for your whole family?

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