Teeth whitening in Houston TX

Teeth Whitening in Houston TX

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Common causes of tooth stains in Houston TX

Teeth whitening in Houston TX
Teeth whitening in Houston TX

Over the years many different substances can stain teeth, leaving them yellow, and discolored. Wine, nicotine, and coffee can all have a staining effect on the color of teeth and their brightness. At Rayburn & Hilliard, DDS our teeth whitening in Houston TX is a great way to restore teeth back to their natural condition using dental bleaching. The whitening procedure can be done in just a few trips to our office or by using our take home trays. Both methods are simple and take just a few minutes in our dental chair.

Before your teeth whitening in Houston TX, we’ll perform a full and comprehensive exam. We recommend patients receive a regular teeth cleaning before their teeth whitening session in order to get teeth in their best condition for whitening. For those who wish to do the procedure at home, the method is just as easy and simple. First, we’ll make a mold of your teeth so we can provide you with custom made trays that ensure that the whitening solution covers only the teeth and doesn’t irritate the surrounding gums. Because whitening solution can be irritating to any other part of the mouth but the teeth themselves. The take home trays can be done anytime, anywhere. Some patients are recommended to leave them in overnight.

Should you choose to have your teeth whitening done in our offices you’ll come in for one to three appointments depending on the level of whitening needed. We first apply a paste to the teeth to reduce any sensitivity. Then we apply bleaching gel to the teeth to break up any stains and discoloration present. Most bleaching procedures take a half an hour to 45 minutes. With proper care and oral hygiene routines, teeth whitening in Houston TX procedures can last up to a year or more, depending on maintenance.

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