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Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Visit In Houston

Houston Kids Dentist

Houston Kids Dentist

By the time your child comes in to see our Houston kids dentist for the very first time, he or she may have already had the chance to see a pediatrician and maybe even a specialist. Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown combined with any possible discomfort or pain they have experienced with other medical professionals may only make it more challenging when she or he come to see us at Rayburn & Hilliard DDS. However, with the right approach, the situation does not have to produce any anxiety.

There is no doubt that the attitudes and feelings that adults have about dentistry begin in childhood. From the very first time that your child has a dental appointment, those attitudes and feelings are being formed. Our Houston kids dentist wants that first time to be a pleasant one. And to this end, we recommend that you prepare your child for what will happen when he or she arrives. Our office atmosphere is a happy one, and our entire staff is friendly and patient. We believe that your child should know what all the strange equipment and tools are for so that she or he won’t feel any resistance. After all, what a child can conjure up in their minds is nearly always scarier than the reality. Before our Houston kids dentist uses any tool for the first time, your child will be told what it’s for and what will happen. Fortunately, there is little reason to expect any negative experience on the first visit. This is a checkup to make sure that your child’s baby teeth are growing in properly and on time.

Contact our office to arrange a time to bring your child in for the very first time. Together, we will work to make it a comfortable visit.

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